Location Photography (with benefits)

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Some location photography assignments can seem like dream jobs. This photography was taken on location at The White Star, Stoke for Titanic brewery.

A whole series of images were captured including individual beers and range shots.

Apart from wanting to drink the subject I suppose the most difficult part of the job was the lighting. As with all photography this was vital & getting the balance between the daylight at the venue & our additional lights was the key.

We tried to show the fantastic pub a little whilst keeping the focus on the Titanic beer. This we thought was the correct way to show what it was that we were trying to promote & the environment in which you could drink it.

At The Image Factory we often travel around the country photographing all different types of things. Sometimes it may be property, sometimes people & often products.

We also have a modern & well equipped studio in Stoke-on-Trent. Here we photograph most of our clients product images as it is where we have the most control.

If you would like to know more or ask a question regarding any possible photography requirements please contact us here.

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