Pack Shot for Michelin Lifestyle

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22 May 2016 in Studio Photography

Author : Andy Eeley

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Pack shots are something we do a lot here at The Image Factory in Stoke-on-Trent. In essence these are very straight forward images to capture, the description is this – noun: (in advertising) a close-up picture of the advertised product in its packaging.

In reality it can be quite different, you’ll know this is you have tried to capture an image of you product yourself. You can get reflections where you don’t want them, you can get no detail where you would like to show some and maybe the colour does not look correct. Using a time served professional photographer should negate these problems. If you are in any doubt to the value a professional photographer can add to you the items you are trying to advertise simply come into our studio and let us take a test shot for you. Compare this to what you have done yourself and you WILL see the difference.

The image shown here was taken recently for Michelin Lifestyle. They asked us to take several pack shots showing various angles of the new Bibendum for an upcoming release. On the face of it it sounds very simple, however consider we had to capture Bibendum in white, detail in the black tyres he was sitting on and all this on a clean, bright background.

If you like to see what we can do for you please contact us here.

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