Coffee Beans
Anyone for coffee?
30 Apr 2015 in , by
Coffee mugs
Cover shot for corporate brochure.
26 Apr 2015 in , by
Hungarian Cake
My father in law’s Hungarian cherry cake. I loved photographing it almost as much as I did eating it!
23 Apr 2015 in , by
Thai Beef
We shot this dish using the Steelite ‘Craft’ range & thought it looked great!
16 Apr 2015 in , by
Olive Oil
Shot on location in a clients kitchen.
12 Apr 2015 in , by
Prospectus Image
This little girl helped us in trying to promote healthy eating in schools.
08 Apr 2015 in , by
Black Forest Cupcake
These cup cakes would be perfect foe high tea.
04 Apr 2015 in , by