Studio Pottery Photography

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15 Jun 2016 in Studio Photography

Author : Andy Eeley

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This pottery photography was done very recently for a Stoke-on-Trent ceramics manufacturer.

The Image Factory studio received a phone call in the morning and were asked if we could possibly collect the ware and then photograph and supply the image the same day!

Andrew was out on a location shoot at the time but was able to collect the items on his way back to the studio and then this and a few individual items were all photographed.

The work was completed on time and the images were sent to America to meet their deadline.

As with all types of work the lighting is a crucial element. Here we needed to create some mood and at the same time use reflections to highlight the relief in the ware.

Our client, Royal Stafford were very happy and have kindly given us permission to use this image on our blog and social media.

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