Sam’s Work Experience
Today is Sam’s last day of his work experience here at The Image Factory. We have enjoyed having him with us and if he’s to be believed he has had a good time too. When we have a work experience person we try to get them as involved as  possible. Sam has helped out in the studio working with me on photography project like Moorcroft Pottery and Scilabware. In the studio he has learned about balancing studio lights, composition and the attention to detail needed in order to produce first class images. We have also been out and taken location photography for clients. The photograph here shows Sam helping to take a white balance just before we photographed a few products manufactured by engineering company KMF . I’m not sure if he’s smiling because he is happy or because he is embarrassed, check out his ear-plugs! Sam has learned quite a lot about the processes involved in commercial photography. One of the most important is one he has in spades and that is people skills. If you cannot relate to the client you are not going to be able to understand what it is they want from the image. Talking […]
Restoration Photography on Location
We were recently asked by our client Craven Dunnill from Bridgnorth if we could photograph a restoration project at a location that they had been involved with. The location was St.Georges Hall in Liverpool. I had driven past the building many times but had never really thought what was inside. I was truly amazed by what I saw the first time I walked through the doors. The marble pillars, the organ, the chandeliers, the viewing gallery are all magnificent. The Image Factory were there to photograph the amazing tiled floor that Craven Dunnill had partly restored as the original had been worn away over the years. The image here shows some of the main features of the hall, the organ, the sculptures and the original tiles on the floor before the restoration. The main purpose of this photograph was to show the scale of the location and the beautiful  interior. Using our lighting in combination with the natural light I think we did a good job of showing all of this and keep the ‘feel’ of the hall. This image is to be used by our client in all types of advertising (website, brochure & magazines) to help promote their […]
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Location Food Photography With A Difference
We recently traveled to a Southport location on a hot and sunny day to photograph a mushroom farm for Freshview Foods. I did not know what to expect so when I got there I was amazed at the set up. After being dressed in overalls, hair net and two masks we entered the ‘shed’ to find what looked like something from another planet. There were row upon row of mushrooms at various stages of development and it was incredibly humid. One of the biggest difficulties we faced was the light, or lack of good quality light. Location photography like this can always be a challenge as you never know what you are about to confront but we captured some great atmospheric images. The image here has been used as a large graphic and really has an impact when you see it. If you would like to talk to us about any location or studio photography you might need please call us on 01782 577790 or contact us here.
Caught on Camera in Liverpool
Site photography in such a wonderful building as St. Georges Hall, Liverpool was always going to be a great location shoot for us at The Image Factory. I personally love architecture, I love looking at it & photographing it! Our client Craven Dunnill from Bridgnorth had commissioned us to photograph one of the areas of floor they’d been asked to restore, but wasn’t quite expecting what I saw when we entered the hall. The floor was vast, the whole hall was massive & the challenge was going to combining the natural light with the lighting we’d taken with us so we could see the restoration work & also capture the ‘mood’ of the place. Here’s a couple of images of me photographing some of the smaller areas of floor.
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Team Shots Don’t Have To Be Boring!
We were recently asked by a car exhaust manufacturer to their factory on location in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire to take a nice group photograph of three members of the management team for their marketing materials including website, brochures & social media. Well, an easy option would be to take the photograph around the boardroom table or under the sign at the entrance so we thought we’d go for a different look. We explained our idea to the client and they were more than happy to ‘give it a go’. We’re so glad they did as we really like the finished result – it shows the scale of the factory, their position within the company and they look nice and friendly too! If you what to see more of our creative team photography check out our portfolio, or call us on 07957 188620 or via our contact form.
Location Photography in Hereford
A 5.30am start from our studio in Stoke on Trent meant this location job was always going to be along day but using The Hyde in Herefordshire as a backdrop helped in getting some great images. There were several elements to this location shoot. We had to capture the lovely ceramic tableware indoors and out (not helped by the rain!). In some shots we had children involved and in others animals like owls and hedgehogs. The image shown here is of the ‘young guns’ just stopping for a tea break – at this point the dog had run off which was hilarious! Some of the images were used in magazines and some for the clients website and all of the children got an image to treasure too. For more information about our services please call 01782 577790 or view our portfolio here.
Stand Out From The Rest
Stand out from the rest, get it photographed professionally! #photography
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Albert Dock
After a long night on location photographing sites around Liverpool, a long day editing the images! Albert Dock.
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Jewellery Website Shoot
Thumbnails from jewellery website shoot. Commercial photographer #studio #location #photographer @StokeOnTrent360
We Photograph It!
You make it, we photograph it, you sell more. Simples! #commercial #photographer #Staffordshire @UKBusinessRT
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