Night Photography
This night photography image is one of a series that were taken over two days in Brighton last year. The brief from our client Magic Memories was to capture lots of images of the British Airways attraction. We photographed it from several different viewpoints both day and night and this was one of the best. Others included shots from high up on the ride and from various viewpoints along the sea front. One essential piece of equipment for night photography is a tripod. With an exposure time of over 3 seconds you just would not be able to do it hand held. I love being allowed to roam about and find these images. We have built up a great relationship with Magic Memories over many years and they know to brief us and then let us get on with it is the way to get the very best results. I was allowed a ‘sky ride’ all on my own one night and captured some brilliant shots looking along the promenade. This job certainly gets you see and do things you would never normally experience. If you have a project that you’d like photographing and would like to talk to us […]
16 May 2017 in Location Photography, by