Restoration Photography on Location
We were recently asked by our client Craven Dunnill from Bridgnorth if we could photograph a restoration project at a location that they had been involved with. The location was St.Georges Hall in Liverpool. I had driven past the building many times but had never really thought what was inside. I was truly amazed by what I saw the first time I walked through the doors. The marble pillars, the organ, the chandeliers, the viewing gallery are all magnificent. The Image Factory were there to photograph the amazing tiled floor that Craven Dunnill had partly restored as the original had been worn away over the years. The image here shows some of the main features of the hall, the organ, the sculptures and the original tiles on the floor before the restoration. The main purpose of this photograph was to show the scale of the location and the beautiful¬† interior. Using our lighting in combination with the natural light I think we did a good job of showing all of this and keep the ‘feel’ of the hall. This image is to be used by our client in all types of advertising (website, brochure & magazines) to help promote their […]
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Caught on Camera in Liverpool
Site photography in such a wonderful building as St. Georges Hall, Liverpool was always going to be a great location shoot for us at The Image Factory. I personally love architecture, I love looking at it & photographing it! Our client Craven Dunnill from Bridgnorth had commissioned us to photograph one of the areas of floor they’d been asked to restore, but wasn’t quite expecting what I saw when we entered the hall. The floor was vast, the whole hall was massive & the challenge was going to combining the natural light with the lighting we’d taken with us so we could see the restoration work & also capture the ‘mood’ of the place. Here’s a couple of images of me photographing some of the smaller areas of floor.
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