Sam’s Work Experience

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15 Jul 2016 in Stories, Location Photography

Author : Andy Eeley

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Today is Sam’s last day of his work experience here at The Image Factory. We have enjoyed having him with us and if he’s to be believed he has had a good time too.

When we have a work experience person we try to get them as involved asĀ  possible. Sam has helped out in the studio working with me on photography project like Moorcroft Pottery and Scilabware.

In the studio he has learned about balancing studio lights, composition and the attention to detail needed in order to produce first class images.

We have also been out and taken location photography for clients. The photograph here shows Sam helping to take a white balance just before we photographed a few products manufactured by engineering company KMF . I’m not sure if he’s smiling because he is happy or because he is embarrassed, check out his ear-plugs!

Sam has learned quite a lot about the processes involved in commercial photography. One of the most important is one he has in spades and that is people skills. If you cannot relate to the client you are not going to be able to understand what it is they want from the image. Talking to and forging relationships with clients is key.

You can contact The Image Factory, Stoke-on-Trent about any photography you need taking please call 01782-577790 or use this link.

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