Location Photography (with benefits)
Some location photography assignments can seem like dream jobs. This photography was taken on location at The White Star, Stoke for Titanic brewery. A whole series of images were captured including individual beers and range shots. Apart from wanting to drink the subject I suppose the most difficult part of the job was the lighting. As with all photography this was vital & getting the balance between the daylight at the venue & our additional lights was the key. We tried to show the fantastic pub a little whilst keeping the focus on the Titanic beer. This we thought was the correct way to show what it was that we were trying to promote & the environment in which you could drink it. At The Image Factory we often travel around the country photographing all different types of things. Sometimes it may be property, sometimes people & often products. We also have a modern & well equipped studio in Stoke-on-Trent. Here we photograph most of our clients product images as it is where we have the most control. If you would like to know more or ask a question regarding any possible photography requirements please contact us here.
Food Photography
Food photography is a passion of mine and something I have been doing for many years. It probably started without me really knowing it with me photographing my wife’s cakes at home on a mobile phone. She’s a brilliant cook with a gift for baking and I just love to photograph and then eat what she makes! What I love about food photography is the combination of the beautiful food, the composition of it within an environment and the photography techniques needed to capture it. The photograph here was commissioned for William Edwards England who supply many hotels in this country and abroad with their fine dining hotel ware. This image was photographed at the Intercontinental, Park Lane, London. Not all locations are so glamorous of course and we are more than happy to work with pubs, cafes and shops. At our studio in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent we have perhaps more control of the lighting etc needed to capture that ‘perfect’ image but on location you can get a sense of where the food is being served. Some restaurants in particular want to show this. Call us on 01782 577790 to discuss any photography. We are very happy to just have […]
Location Food Photography With A Difference
We recently traveled to a Southport location on a hot and sunny day to photograph a mushroom farm for Freshview Foods. I did not know what to expect so when I got there I was amazed at the set up. After being dressed in overalls, hair net and two masks we entered the ‘shed’ to find what looked like something from another planet. There were row upon row of mushrooms at various stages of development and it was incredibly humid. One of the biggest difficulties we faced was the light, or lack of good quality light. Location photography like this can always be a challenge as you never know what you are about to confront but we captured some great atmospheric images. The image here has been used as a large graphic and really has an impact when you see it. If you would like to talk to us about any location or studio photography you might need please call us on 01782 577790 or contact us here.
FREE Food Photography
At The Image Factory we often have promotions & at the moment we are offering a FREE food photography test shot to any local restaurants, pubs, cafes etc. Last week The Mirchi, Stoke on Trent asked us along to photograph one of their dishes. The owner Kishore showed us around so we could choose an area in which to do the shot & then introduced us to the chef so we could discuss what it was he was making & the dishes to serve it in. The smell of all the spices coming from the kitchen made it a little difficult to concentrate it was so lovely but soon we were set up & ready to go. Together we came up with the image featured here which we thought gave a good impression of the food served at The Mirchi & the warmth of the environment. As a rule we usually photograph food in a slightly less busy way, maybe from above with some utensils etc & using a shallow depth of field to give that soft focus feel, but as always we listen to the client & give them what they want first. If you would like to take […]
Making a Splash in Photography
Photographing a white ceramic beaker on a white background sounds like it’s not going to be the most exciting photography commission ever I agree. However, this is what we were asked to do by Promotional Ceramics of Fenton & with a little creative thinking at our studio we think we have given this ceramics image the wow factor. In combination with creating a splash we have lit the subject in a way that the shadow on the ground makes it look ‘grounded’ & the shadow on the mug helps separate it from the background. We got some really good feedback from the shot from the client, on our Facebook page & on Twitter.
The Chef and I
One of the things I love about this job the most is that from time to time it gets you into places or to see things you just never would if you did a ‘normal’ job. So last week was one of these moments – a day at Claridges, London with executive chef Martyn Nail. We were there photographing some of his food and the beautiful china tableware by William Edwards that it is served on. It was a a brilliant day, the chef and his staff were so accommodating and hopefully we captured images that will be of use to the hotel and the pottery manufacturer. Here I am with the man himself, Martyn Nail.
Food Photography
A brilliant cake bake & not bad photography even if I say so myself!
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Commercial Photographer
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