Lighting in Commercial Photography
The single most important thing in photography in my opinion is lighting. Whether indoor or out the whole look of an image can be transformed with the correct lighting. The image shown here was photographed in The Image Factory studio for local pottery manufacturer William Edwards. The ceramics though destined for Cobblers Cove in Barbados had to be photographed in Burslem, oh well maybe next time! Showing a white pattern on a white background is tricky no matter what the subject. Here we have used back light to bring out the surface pattern and a shallow depth of field to give that in and out of focus feel. Flat, uninteresting lighting is boring, don’t put up with it. Andrew the studio’s lead photographer has over 30 years experience ALL based in commercial, advertising photography. This gives him a unique understanding of how to light a variety of different subjects like glass, ceramics, jewellery & engineering parts etc. If you would like to find out more about how the Image factory can help you contact us here.
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Website images
Most of the images we capture end up on at least one website. This image for a client that makes additives to colour plastics was such a job. They originally wanted a simple white cut-out but we suggested they had it with a reflection just to add that little ‘something extra’. The photograph was taken here in The Image Factory studio, Stoke-on-Trent and only took approximately one hour to complete including set up, photography and breakdown. The digital read out was captured on a separate exposure & added at a later date. Doing it this way meant the customer could have with and without display images for their website. If you would like to see more commercial photography images taken for our clients then please visit either our location gallery or our studio gallery. We can help you business look better, contact us here if you’d like to discuss how.
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Catalogue Photography
Catalogue photography usually starts with a chat about ideas and a few test shots to see if those ideas are achievable or can be improved upon. The test shots here are a few done today for Glenway Trophies from Leicester. They are are due here at the studio in August for about the 16th year in a row! These images are really helpful to us at The Image Factory, Stoke-on-Trent so we know exactly what direction we are going in even before the client arrives. Also to designer can start to plane the catalogue or brochure the image are going to be used in. There is no need for the client to be here. These glass & crystal trophies were sent here by a carrier and the photographs sent by email. If you would like to discuss any photography you may need please contact us on 01782-577790 or via this link.
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Studio Pottery Photography
This pottery photography was done very recently for a Stoke-on-Trent ceramics manufacturer. The Image Factory studio received a phone call in the morning and were asked if we could possibly collect the ware and then photograph and supply the image the same day! Andrew was out on a location shoot at the time but was able to collect the items on his way back to the studio and then this and a few individual items were all photographed. The work was completed on time and the images were sent to America to meet their deadline. As with all types of work the lighting is a crucial element. Here we needed to create some mood and at the same time use reflections to highlight the relief in the ware. Our client, Royal Stafford were very happy and have kindly given us permission to use this image on our blog and social media.
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Brochure Photography
Brochure photography is a major part of what we do here at The Image Factory, Stoke on Trent. This image was taken for Dunoon mugs of Stone, Staffordshire recently and was used as their 2016 brochure back cover. Please click on this link to see more of their brilliant designs and more of our photography. On this project we worked closely with Origin Studios who designed the brochure layout. We get given a brief, page layout showing where text is to go and props to use in shots and then each image is sent to the client via email for approval. The great thing about professional photography these days is that one image can do a multitude jobs. For example this image was used in the 2016 catalogue, on the clients website and used as part of an email advertising campaign. Good value!  
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Pack Shot for Michelin Lifestyle
Pack shots are something we do a lot here at The Image Factory in Stoke-on-Trent. In essence these are very straight forward images to capture, the description is this – noun: (in advertising) a close-up picture of the advertised product in its packaging. In reality it can be quite different, you’ll know this is you have tried to capture an image of you product yourself. You can get reflections where you don’t want them, you can get no detail where you would like to show some and maybe the colour does not look correct. Using a time served professional photographer should negate these problems. If you are in any doubt to the value a professional photographer can add to you the items you are trying to advertise simply come into our studio and let us take a test shot for you. Compare this to what you have done yourself and you WILL see the difference. The image shown here was taken recently for Michelin Lifestyle. They asked us to take several pack shots showing various angles of the new Bibendum for an upcoming release. On the face of it it sounds very simple, however consider we had to capture Bibendum […]
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Precision Engineering
When a local precision engineering company in Stoke on Trent was recently bought by KMF Limited we were asked to go in and capture some interesting images. The shots needed were of the factory, the staff and machinery and had to show all elements of the processes used. Some of the products they make were brought back to the studio to photograph. Here we have much more control of the lighting etc and with over 25 years experience photographing products like these much better results could be achieved. The images shown are just three of a series but hopefully demonstrate that items like this can look stunning. If you are not happy with how your business is being presented please contact us.
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Capturing Texture
A few months ago Craven Dunnill came to our studio and asked us to photograph a series of small ceramic tiled sets for their website and for use in brochures etc. Here is one of the images taken that day. We have tried to create a realistic enviroment (coffee shop) and light it in such a way to show the tiles and their wonderful textures. The shallow depth of field helps concentrate the eye on what it is our client manufactures and creates a feeling of depth within the image. If you would like to talk to us about any photography your company may need please call us on 01782 577790 or use this form.
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Making a Splash in Photography
Photographing a white ceramic beaker on a white background sounds like it’s not going to be the most exciting photography commission ever I agree. However, this is what we were asked to do by Promotional Ceramics of Fenton & with a little creative thinking at our studio we think we have given this ceramics image the wow factor. In combination with creating a splash we have lit the subject in a way that the shadow on the ground makes it look ‘grounded’ & the shadow on the mug helps separate it from the background. We got some really good feedback from the shot from the client, on our Facebook page & on Twitter.
20 Years Photographing Trophy Catalogue
There can’t be many companies as loyal as Glenway Trophies from Leicester. The silver trophy and awards company have traveled down the A50 & used The Image Factory in Stoke on Trent for the past TWENTY YEARS to photograph their catalogues. In that time they’ve transformed from one of the smaller UK trophy and gifts companies to the largest and best in the country. The great thing about working with a company for this amount of time is that you really can build great relationships and understand exactly what it is the client wants. In this photograph you can see the designer Paul with the works van all packed away for another year – see you again soon!    
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