Lovely Lemon Cake
Studio image for a local cake baker to add some glamour to her new website.
26 Jun 2015 in , by
Cherry Cupcakes
Image taken outdoors as the flowers were too nice to ignore!
26 Jun 2015 in , by
Greek Salad
I absolutely LOVE food photography & shooting this simple, rustic salad in a Steelite ‘Craft’ bowl was a pleasure.
16 Jun 2015 in , by
My favorite food image to date I think. A vintage spoon, diffused daylight, a little fill & f3.5 – love it! #foodphotography
16 Jun 2015 in , by
Asparagus Tips
Recent magazine image for a local vegetable producer.
16 Jun 2015 in , by
Steelite ‘Craft’ Pottery
The ceramics were kindly lent to me by Steelite International so I could have a little ‘play’ with different lighting types.
04 Jun 2015 in , by
High key food
Test shot for new client.
17 May 2015 in , by
This image was taken to be used as a large graphic for a fruit & veg wholesaler.
12 May 2015 in , by
Confectionery image for Mr Simms.
08 May 2015 in , by
Pub Lunch
A more traditional food image.
03 May 2015 in , by