Lighting in Commercial Photography
The single most important thing in photography in my opinion is lighting. Whether indoor or out the whole look of an image can be transformed with the correct lighting. The image shown here was photographed in The Image Factory studio for local pottery manufacturer William Edwards. The ceramics though destined for Cobblers Cove in Barbados had to be photographed in Burslem, oh well maybe next time! Showing a white pattern on a white background is tricky no matter what the subject. Here we have used back light to bring out the surface pattern and a shallow depth of field to give that in and out of focus feel. Flat, uninteresting lighting is boring, don’t put up with it. Andrew the studio’s lead photographer has over 30 years experience ALL based in commercial, advertising photography. This gives him a unique understanding of how to light a variety of different subjects like glass, ceramics, jewellery & engineering parts etc. If you would like to find out more about how the Image factory can help you contact us here.
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Website images
Most of the images we capture end up on at least one website. This image for a client that makes additives to colour plastics was such a job. They originally wanted a simple white cut-out but we suggested they had it with a reflection just to add that little ‘something extra’. The photograph was taken here in The Image Factory studio, Stoke-on-Trent and only took approximately one hour to complete including set up, photography and breakdown. The digital read out was captured on a separate exposure & added at a later date. Doing it this way meant the customer could have with and without display images for their website. If you would like to see more commercial photography images taken for our clients then please visit either our location gallery or our studio gallery. We can help you business look better, contact us here if you’d like to discuss how.
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What don’t The Image Factory do? Cut corners that’s what.
We promise to go that extra mile to get the results you’re looking for.
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Location Photography in Hereford
A 5.30am start from our studio in Stoke on Trent meant this location job was always going to be along day but using The Hyde in Herefordshire as a backdrop helped in getting some great images. There were several elements to this location shoot. We had to capture the lovely ceramic tableware indoors and out (not helped by the rain!). In some shots we had children involved and in others animals like owls and hedgehogs. The image shown here is of the ‘young guns’ just stopping for a tea break – at this point the dog had run off which was hilarious! Some of the images were used in magazines and some for the clients website and all of the children got an image to treasure too. For more information about our services please call 01782 577790 or view our portfolio here.
Social Media
Social media is becoming more and more important in all types of business these days and photography is no different. At The Image Factory photographers here in Stoke we use Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to name a few to show what we do. The best thing about it in my opinion is that you can post images and updates whilst doing the job. On location we often show where it is we are working and in the studio we ask clients if it’s ok to show their product in a blog. It’s great and it’s instant! Please follow us on any social media platform to see more images, updates & offers. We follow all business back!  
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