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28 Feb 2017 in Food Photography, Location Photography

Author : Andy Eeley

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Food photography is a passion of mine and something I have been doing for many years. It probably started without me really knowing it with me photographing my wife’s cakes at home on a mobile phone. She’s a brilliant cook with a gift for baking and I just love to photograph and then eat what she makes!

What I love about food photography is the combination of the beautiful food, the composition of it within an environment and the photography techniques needed to capture it.

The photograph here was commissioned for William Edwards England who supply many hotels in this country and abroad with their fine dining hotel ware. This image was photographed at the Intercontinental, Park Lane, London. Not all locations are so glamorous of course and we are more than happy to work with pubs, cafes and shops.

At our studio in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent we have perhaps more control of the lighting etc needed to capture that ‘perfect’ image but on location you can get a sense of where the food is being served. Some restaurants in particular want to show this.

Call us on 01782 577790 to discuss any photography. We are very happy to just have a chat or even pop out to see you.

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